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18-12-16 18th December 2016
Harold's Park Farm Winter Showing Show
27-11-16 27th November 2016
EEFDG Affiliated Dressage
6-11-16 6th November 2016
Harold's Park Farm Unaffiliated Dressage
19-10-16 19th October 2016
HPF Affiliated Dressage
9-10-16 9th October 2016
Harold's Park Farm Unaffiliated Dressage
2-10-16 2nd October 2016
EEFDG Unaffiliated Dressage
17-9-16 17th September 2016
Strangeways EC Unaffiliated Dressage
2-9-16 2nd September 2016
IBRC Dressage Clinic
28-8-16 28th August  2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Showjumping
14-8-16 14th August 2016 HPFRC
My Quest and Team Quest Unaffiliated Dressage

13th August 2016
Straingeways EC Unaffiliated Dressage

7-8-16 7th August 2016
SEIB Search For A Star and R2R - Vale View EC
31-7-16 31st July 2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Showjumping
17-7-16 17th July 2016
HPFRC Showing Show
13-7-16 13th July 2016
HPF Affiliated Dressage
3-7-16 3rd July 2016
SEIB Search For A Star and R2R - Bury Farm EC
19-6-16 19th June 2016
HPFRC Showing Show
12-6-16 12th June  2016
SEIB Search For A Star and R2R - Stretcholt EC
5-6-16 5th June 2016 HPFRC
My Quest and Team Quest Unaffiliated Dressage
1-6-16 1st June 2016
HPF Affiliated Dressage
22-5-16 22nd May 2016
HPFRC Showing Show
15-5-16 15th May  2016
SEIB Search For A Star and R2R - Houghton Hall EC
8-5-16 8th May 2016 HPFRC
Unaffiliated Dressage
24-4-16 24th April 2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Showjumping
9-4-16 9th April 2016
SEIB Search For A Star - Osbaldston EC
3-4-16 3rd April 2016
EEFDG Winter Championships
20-3-16 20th March 2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Showjumping
13-3-16 13th March 2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Dressage
28-2-16 28th February 2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Showjumping
21-2-16 21st February 2016
EEFDG Unaffiliated Dressage


14th  February 2016
HPFRC Unaffiliated Dressage
31-1-16 31st January 2016
EEFDG Dressage
10-1-16 10th January 2016
HPFRC Dressage
3-1-16 3rd January 2016
EEFDG Unaffiliated Dressage